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Bringing horses back to the San Francisco Bay Area and California since 2009 ​

To book now or for more information, choose a location below:

Golden Gate Park

San Francisco


Marina Equestrian Center

Monterey Bay

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Wunderlich Park


FORT ORD (2).png

Bear Creek Preserve

Los Gatos

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Ed Levin Park


Untitled design (4).png

Stanislaus/ Yosemite


Updates at a glance:​​ 

  • Use Code 5PACK30 at check out when you book 5 lessons you get $10 off 5, 30 min lessons and 5PACK $20 off 5,60 min lessons

  • Marina has PONY CLUB! Consider it the next step towards independence in your riding, learn all the "behind the scenes" work it takes to get the horses ready and feeling good for the day. 

  • Finished Pony club or programs like it? Do you think your ready for independent riding time? our Leasing in Woodside and Independent learning program in Bear Creek would be the next step towards horse ownership. 

Please refer to flyer below for more info and select locations above for your booking convenience. 

News & Events

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